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Kathy Haggis In Memoriam

In October 2016, Kathy Haggis Slevin, the author of this website, passed away from cancer.

Kathy was the most honest and courageous person I have ever known in my lifetime. I can unequivocally state that in our 37 years of marriage, I never knew her to even once tell a lie.

She left extensive material she had not yet published on this site.

She did not direct me to publish anything, but left it to me to do so if I felt events warranted it. Up until now, I have been reluctant to do so; understandably, I have spent the last year and a half grieving over her loss and coming to terms with it.

But incessant insinuations and recent conspiracy theories too avidly picked up by a press all too happy to smear my religion, Scientology, have prompted me to abandon that reluctance.

Brian Slevin

July 2018



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